The Kaimon course is a beautiful scenic course lying at the foot of the Satsumafuji Kaimon Mountain at the southernmost point of Satsuma peninsula and utilizes natural geographical features. For the course design, the prominent contemporary designer, Mr. Seiichi Inoue was brought in and he completed the course based on his strong intention of creating a place 'for a professional tournament'. Hazards throughout on the course as well as 'Kaimon Oroshi', the gust of wind blowing down the Kaimon Mountain and 'Umikaze', the sea wind blowing up from the ocean play the determinants of the relative difficulty of the course. The 18 holes with a combination of easiness and difficulty are full of strategicness. The average area of 800 square meters of undulate bent grass greens are superbly maintained despite the fact that the course lies at the southernmost point of the Japanese mainland. Every year our course receives great praise and has an outstanding reputation among professional golfers who compete in tournaments overseas.

August 23, 1968
500,000m² (Total 1,650,000m²)
Total course length
7,151 yards 18 holes, Par 72
Practice Facility
Length 250 yards, 20 bays, natural lawn
2 patting practice greens
Seiichi Inoue Profile
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