Ibusuki Iwasaki Hotel Tax-Free Service Guidance


The tax-free service has been started at Ibusuki Iwasaki Hotel.
For foreign guests only. Hope you can enjoy the tax-free shopping at our hotel.
From shochu(sweet potato liqour)、famous sweets、cosmetic goods, Hawaii imported shirts to Yakushima cedar goods, Satsuma porcelain、tin products,... etc.
We have many Kagoshima local goods at our shops and stores.
Iwasaki Hotels original goods such as curry, soup, jelly,... etc、variety of choices.
It will be a wonderful travel souvenir for your trip.

Service Guidance

You must present your passport(copy of the passport will not be accepted)

If your stay has exceeded 6 months, you are not eligible for tax-free shopping.

Tax-free can be applied If the total purchase at the same shop has reached the require amount(In 1 day).
・Consumable goods   Above 5,001 yen and below half million yen(without tax)
・General goods      Above 10,001 yen(without tax)
※The combination of general goods and consumable goods might not be appliable for tax-free service.

You must take the tax-free goods out of Japan within 30 days of purchase. If you open or use the consumable goods in Japan, you may have to pay tax(8%) at the time of departure.


Ibusuki Iwasaki Hotel
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Kagoshima Japan

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