Beach and Pool


Jungle Pool

Jungle Pool is a resortlike atruction which is surrounded by subtropical plants and the ocean.
Its water slider was the one firstly introduced to Kyushu and it was built by utilizing the lay of the land.
Our waterslider is a very full impact atraction and anyone from adults to a child can enjoy it.
Also, have an open-air bath so guests can relax after having fun.

Period Only Summer time.
2018/07/07(SAT) ~ 2018/09/03(MON)
Hours 2018/07/07(SAT) ~ 2018/07/20(FRI) 14:00〜19:00
2018/07/21(SAT) ~ 2018/09/03(MON) 09:00〜19:00
(Last admission 18:00)
Fee Adult: ¥1,300, Child: ¥800, Younger Child: ¥500
※Free for our hotel guests.


A swimming beach is only few steps from the hotel!
Also, the Jungle Pool and open-air bath locate just next to the beach.
We, the southernmost ocean resort in Kyushu, supply a variety of marine activities such as banana boat, sea kayak and body-board.




France National Football Team, Japan National football team and some football teams from J-League come to do training camp at our hotel.
We have an auxiliary field which is the Japan Football Association standard.
As it locates in the hotel facility, we can maintain privacy of the user.



We have four orthodox tennis court which is surrounded by palm trees.
You can enjoy tropical atmosphere and sea breez on your face while you playing.

Fee Lodgers: ¥1,200 (without tax, one hour per court)
Visitor: ¥1,500 (without tax, one hour per court)
※For night use, additional ¥500 plus tax will be applied(close:22:00).
Ground Golf

Ground Golf

You can enjoy the outdoor ground golf where you can find the beautiful green( equal to a golf course!) in tropical atmosphere.
It is perfect recreation for enjoying with your family in a sunny day!

Fee ¥1,000 plus tax/ per game, per person


Indoor sports

Bowling Alley

Bowling Alley

Our hotel's bowling alley locates within the hotel and it is perfect for enjoying with family members, friends and your colleagues!

Hours weekday17:00~23:00/saturday・sunday・holiday12:00~23:00
Fee weekday 17:00~23:00
saturday・sunday・holiday 12:00~23:00


In our amusement area, we have four billiard tables.
It's ganna be more fun to play in the spacious area!

Hours weekday 17:00~23:00/saturday・sunday・holiday 12:00~23:00
Fee ¥500 plus tax/ 30 min
Table Tennis

Table Tennis

Speaking of hotsprings, it comes with table tennis!
It is for sure games with your group member will be heated to a white heat!

Hours weekday 17:00~23:00/saturday・sunday・holiday 12:00~23:00
Fee ¥500 plus tax /30 min, table


Video Arcade

Video Arcade

We await you with golden oldie game machines!
As they are located within our hotel, everyone can readily make use of it!

Hours weekday 17:00~23:00/saturday・sunday・holiday 12:00~23:00

Karaoke Box

We prepare 6 private karaoke box.

Hours weekday 17:00~24:00(Last admission22:00)
saturday・sunday・holiday 12:00~24:00(Last admission22:00)
Fee 2 to 5 people: ¥2,000 plus tax/hour
6 to 10 people ¥2,500 plus tax/hour
Mahjong・Go・Japanese Chess

Mahjong・Go・Japanese Chess

In the quiet environment, you can concentrate on playing games such as Go and Japanese chess and the environment enables you to play those games in earnest manner.

Hours weekday 17:00~24:00(Last admission23:00)
saturday・sunday・holiday 12:00~24:00(Last admission23:00)

An automatic table for 4 people: ¥2,400 plus tax per hour or ¥600 plus tax per person
Manual table for 4 people:¥2,000 plus tax per hour or ¥500 plus tax per person)

Go・Japanese Chess
¥1,000 plus tax per hour