Outdoor Facility



A Paradise Garden of Subtropical Plants

Our extensive garden has 15 lots in tsubo (592,500 square yard) and various sports and activity facilities are dotted all over our garden.
Also our garden has a walking trail which is full of beautiful flowers and greens.
There are 150 different flowers and plants including hibiscus, bougainvillea, various palm trees, tropical flora which creates a warm southern country atmosphere and even exotic floras which are native of Australian growth.
It is perfect to go for a stroll by a land-car and rental cycle.

Land Car
(For four people)
¥2,000 plus tax/20 min
Rental Cycle ¥500 plus tax per 2 hours

Garden Party Facility

Garden Party Facility

A garden like a heaven on earth

It is a garden which is a full of greeneries and seasonal flowers and it is absolutely a heaven on earth.
The beautiful ocean view from the green, fresh sunlight and endless clear blue sky.... Unforgettable experience awaits you.

Site Area 150,000 tsubo
intended Purpose Garden Party, Reception Party, Exhibition and etc...

Ibusuki Golf Club

Ibusuki Golf Club

Let go of your body and soul in the southernmost golf course in the mainland.

NameIbusuki Golf Club Kaimon Course
Address6660 Kaimon Kawashiri Ibusuki-City, Kagoshima 8910602
Phone Number+81-993-32-3141 (Pilot Number)
FAX Number+81-993-32-3042

Mt.Kaimon(924m), which is also known as Satsuma-Fuji locates in the southernmost parts of the Satsuma Peninsula.

Our golf course use the best of geographic features of Mt.Kaimon's foothills.

Player can also enjoy the beautiful scenery from the course while they are playing.

The course was designed by Mr. Seiichi Inoue, who is known as the greatest golf course designer alive and he lay it all out and created to reflect our wish "A golf course which is strongly conscious of professional tournament".

A wind blow down from Mt.Kaimon, "Kaimon Oroshi" intersects an onshore breeze blow up from the ocean in our course and this increases its degree of difficulty.

Notable features of our course are the all 18 holes of the course have full of strategic characteristics and its mixture of difficulties.

Also, our bent-grass-greens (average 800 ㎡) have a lot of undulations and you can always enjoy playing in the best condition even though the course are surrounded by ocean and mountains.

Moreover, Ibusuki Golf Club is highly recognized among golf players who play all over the world very year ,and it was a host of "CASIO WORLD OPEN GOLF TOURNAMENT" (1981~2004) and "Iwasaki Shiratsuyu Senior Tournament" in 2013.

Ibusuki Golf Club